Monthly Archives: November 2012

Lamp Upgrade

I decided it was time for a lamp update. Here’s what I started with: She wasn’t terrible looking, but the shade was starting to show the signs of age, and although I really like the green I chose to paint her years ago, I just could’t seem to make it work with the other colors […]

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Knotted Jersey Headband

As usual, I’m trying to clean things up around the apartment. One way I’m doing this is to make better use of some of my stuff. Sometimes that means repurposing things into other thing that are more useful. Like this odd t-shirt I got for free several years ago when we ordered some t-shirts online. […]

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12 goals for 2012: An Update

Way back in January of this year, I posted a list of goals for myself. I thought it was high time for me to update everyone on my progress. So here’s where I’m at: Finish knitting the wrap sweater I started 3 or 4 years ago. Photograph the collection of childhood sweaters my Nana crocheted […]

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