Research, Creativity, & Collaboration

I believe successful design is a by-product of research, creativity, and collaboration. I’ll work with you to develop a design solution as unique as you are.

Available Services:

  • • BRAND: logo, business card, letter head, envelope, etc.
  • • 
PRINT: posters, post cards, etc.

  • • WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: websites and custom WordPress themes
  • • PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: specializing in jewelry and food

The Design Process:

Getting to know you

First we’ll discuss your goals for the project: colors; other design that inspires you (websites, logos, posters etc.); the message you want to convey with your new website, logo, business card, etc. We can do this over email or phone (or a combo of both), whatever works best for you.

Website Design

Proof + 2 Rounds of Revisions:

Once I understand your goals, I will work up a design and send you a proof of my concept for the home page. Take some time to look over this proof. Let me know what you like as well as what you think needs adjustment. Once we’ve clarified what needs changing, I will design and email you a second proof. Then we’ll go through a second round of discussion and revision and then we will finalize the design. Once we finalize the look of the home page, I will design and email you proofs of the remaining pages (i.e. about, contact, etc…whatever pages are part of your navigation). We will go through two rounds of discussion and revision, just like we did with the home page design.

Finalize the Design, Write the Code, and Test:

Once we finalize the look of all the pages and you approve them, I will begin coding them. When I’ve finished the major coding, I will give you access to a “test” site so you can see how it’s going to function and look. We can make minor adjustments at this time. As soon as everyone is happy with the look and function of the site, we’ll go live so all the world can experience your delightful new website.

Logo Design

Proof + 2 Rounds of Revisions:

Once I understand your goals, I will design three logo concepts for you to choose from. I will email you a proof of each design so you can select the one that works best. We will then begin the two rounds of discussion and revision until we finalize your logo.

Finalize the Design:

I will email you your final logo in whatever format you need (typically .jpg, .png, and/or .pdf).