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I went to Spain!

Spain. It’s been on my list of countries to visit for a long time. So when Zach had to go there on business back in May of this year (sorry I’m SO late in posting this), the opportunity to tag along was just too great to pass up. Since we took a red-eye flight, we […]

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While perusing the internet today, looking for design inspiration for a project I’m working on, I found this amazing Kickstarter campaign called Chineasy. Described as “a bright and engaging illustrated methodology for learning Chinese through fun and whimsical illustrations,” it’s the brain-child of London-based entrepreneur and self-described geek, ShaoLan Hsueh. I think I may have […]

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Lamp Upgrade

I decided it was time for a lamp update. Here’s what I started with: She wasn’t terrible looking, but the shade was starting to show the signs of age, and although I really like the green I chose to paint her years ago, I just could’t seem to make it work with the other colors […]

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Knotted Jersey Headband

As usual, I’m trying to clean things up around the apartment. One way I’m doing this is to make better use of some of my stuff. Sometimes that means repurposing things into other thing that are more useful. Like this odd t-shirt I got for free several years ago when we ordered some t-shirts online. […]

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12 goals for 2012: An Update

Way back in January of this year, I posted a list of goals for myself. I thought it was high time for me to update everyone on my progress. So here’s where I’m at: Finish knitting the wrap sweater I started 3 or 4 years ago. Photograph the collection of childhood sweaters my Nana crocheted […]

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Project Descriptions Are Up!

Just a quick post to let ya’ll know that, as promised, the project descriptions have all been added and/or updated on my site. For all those interested in learning more about my design process, head on over to the Work section of my site.

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New Website For Meadow’s Mirth Farm

I redesigned the Meadow’s Mirth website (back in January of this year) as a custom WordPress theme. Even though it’s been up for over half a year, I thought it might be nice to give a little more detail on the project. Here’s what the site looked like before: I actually designed this site for […]

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FGD Website [Re]design!

It’s official, my new website (redesigned using WordPress!) is up and running, and it’s lookin’ pretty spiffy around here. There have already been so many great responses to it, so let me just say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who’s taken the time to check out the new site! As with anything new, there […]

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Visiting Robie House

We left Jerry and Sarah’s house early Monday morning and continued west to Illinois. First on the day’s list was a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in Hyde Park, a neighborhood in Chicago, IL. We got there a bit early, so we checked in at the front desk and then went for a […]

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Cleveland Rocks!

Saturday morning Jerry and Sarah took us to the top of the building where Jerry works. We got some great shots of the city, including the House of Blues sign. One of the buildings in the area was sporting this fabulous diagonal stripe, clearly the former location of a fire escape. It’s interesting to see […]

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