Hello Ohio

After we finished our Kentuck Knob tour, it was just a short 3.5 hour drive to Cleveland, Ohio where our friends Jerry and Sarah live (Well, right outside Cleveland if you want to get technical.).

After catching up while sitting in their back yard sipping drinks, we headed to The Harry Buffalo for dinner. At this point in our journey, everything my mother taught me about how to make healthy food choices got trapped in some inaccessible corner of my brain and I ate this:

While I was eating my deep fried plate of grease, Jerry ate this:

Yes, that’s mac-n-cheese in grilled sandwich form.

While all this was going on, Sarah and Zach were waiting patiently for their meals, which had to be remade because of a lack of ingredient info on the menu (Sarah can’t have the artificial seasoning her chicken had been seasoned with and Zach hates blue cheese which his pizza came piled high with). In a feeble attempt to “document the day,” I took this photo which makes them look more like they’re praying than waiting for food (a good activity when one is waiting for food), so I won’t be winning any awards for my ability to accurately portray a moment, but you get the idea.

Of course, the only logical thing for Jerry and I to do was to keep stuffing our faces – while pointing out the fact that Sarah and Zach had no food.

Of course, eventually they got their food (Thanks Harry Buffalo for being so accommodating!) and all was well. All except our arteries which were slowly clogging.

Except for Sarah’s arteries. She had a salad. Smart girl.

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