Chillin’ on Cape Cod

Zach and I spent the long holiday weekend relaxing on Cape Cod at his parents’vacation home. Zach’s dad met us there, and we were able to spend a couple days visiting with him before he had to head home. While we were there, Jean and Josh (Zach’s bro and sis-in-law) also popped down for a short visit.

Of course, no visit to the cape is complete without taking a gander at what’s kicking around in the basement. The house was built in the 60s so there’s lots of cool vintage stuff interspersed amongst some not-so-cool vintage stuff. But it’s all waiting to be rediscovered. This trip we found (Josh found, to be exact) a cool blow up raft designed for lounging on the water with your best pair of oversized, white-rimmed sunglasses (think Jackie O) and a cool beverage at your disposal. What? there’s no cup holder for said beverage? Well this cannot be allowed! Don’t panic. Jean took care of this gross over site by the raft-building people.

It was a lovely weekend filled with birthday cake (for Zach’s b-day), micro brew (for everyone), a brewery tour of Cape Cod Beer, some night-time beach walking, a bit of fishing, and lots of kayaking and eating (plus some yard work thrown in for good measure.).

I’ll leave you with this lovely shot of the water taken from the back deck. It looks like it was taken in the middle of autumn but those golden tones are actually salt-damaged leaves caused by hurricane Irene when she got all pissy and flung a bunch of salt water around. I still think it looks lovely though.

cape cod

Did anyone do anything fun this Labor Day weekend? I’d love to hear about it.

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