Meadows Mirth Farm

Meadows Mirth Farm
PROJECTS: Website Redesign | Logo Design | Holiday Post Card

Website Redesign

I designed and coded this site for an organic farm in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Jean and Josh, the owners of Meadow’s Mirth, wanted to be able to make frequent updates to the site as the seasons changed, so we decided to design the site using the WordPress content management system.

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When set with the task to design a logo for Meadows Mirth Farm, green was the obvious color choice, but we wanted to add a little bit of whimsy to the design. The addition of the friendly little lady bug did the trick.

Holiday Postcard

Jean and Josh wanted a festive way to thank their customers for their business throughout the year. We decided a holiday postcard would be perfect. I used a photo I had taken during a visit to the farm. Jean hand-stamped the back to give the postcard a handmade feel.